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Frequently asked questions when moving

  • Q. How should we plan the movement?
  • A. It is advisable to do it a week before, and to clear out when, where, how much, and who will do the movement, of your home, office, storage house et.

  • If you have chosen the option - movement with professional movers, clear out these questions with them.
  • Q. What distinguish Kolev Movers, from the other moving companies, providing those services and transport?
  • A. Comparing to the big and wide spread moving companies, we are small but flexible, organization. We offer up- and downloading services, with own personal. We are not the type of agency, which hires occasionally unverified employees.
    Our core-team consists of 5-6 persons, and is from the creation of Kolev Movers.
    We offer complete services in the movement and furniture setting up area.

    Our prices are more affordable comparing to the prices of bigger companies, including better quality of movement services.
  • Q. Can your colleagues tell me a price on the Phone?
  • A. For a small quantity of items - an oven, refrigerator, wash-machine, we are capable of giving you a precise offer. Please provide us with more details - such as is there a lift available, the route etc., and we shall give you an affordable price.

    When the movement concerns the whole home, it is advisable to make a free visit. During it we shall inform you about the details meeting your needs and together we can discuss questions such as packaging, assembly - disassembly of furniture (if necessary), route and the appropriate time.

    We shall provide you with an affordable price. The more our services you order by us (for instance movement, packaging, assembly - disassembly), the more discounts you receive. And of course security and durability.

  • Q. Can you do an express service?
  • A. Yes, when such a situation exists and movers are needed, we - the Kolev Movers, are ready to recruit a team, who shall respond in the period of one hour.

    When you have to move early or in the late hours, we can handle it with an addition fee.
  • Q. What kind of vehicles you do posses?
  • A. We have a wide range of vehicles. Buses and trucks with a big storage volume (10-20 m), equipped with devices to hold and fasten. We have a bus with a board which carries 400 kg, ideal for moving of pianos, safes and machines.
  • Q. Where do you trow the waste, like old furniture and useless technique, away?
  • A. On the defined by the City municipality garbage sites, for which we do pay a tax.
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