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Useful tips when moving home & office

The preparation for moving of your house, furniture, personal stuff etc., should begin straight away after you have made the decision to do it.

  • first of all make a list of the things that you find useful;
  • use strong paper-boxes to collect the small domestic items, and stick them with a quality tape (scotch), on more than one place. You can order boxes with us too. We suggest the usage of mid-size boxes and sacks, because the large ones become easy full with items, which makes them hard to be carried and brings the danger of tearing. Write down on the boxes with what kind of items they are full of, and to what part of the house they belong to (living room, bath, etc). You can also enumerate them. Do not place jewels, watches, and family treasure in sacks or boxes. Take those alone, in appropriate boxes as a part of your personal luggage.
  • If you do not posses the time for packing of small items, books, glasses, clothes etc., we could do this task for you. We shall provide all that is required - packages, tape, bubble-foil (good for pictures), kitchen technique. The most important stage however is the choosing of the movers.
  • Ask a few companies for an offer, based upon the luggage that you want to move. Mention the number of floors, upon the luggage should be up- and downloaded. If there is an elevator available, and the correct picking up and delivery address. Pay attention upon the answers that you receive from the person on the phone. Are they straight or not? If the moving is a massive one, it is hard to tell the correct price on the line or per E-mail. It is advisable to ask for a free visitation from the movers. Many of our colleagues provide such a service.
  • We recommend you to ask for an end price and between some offers to choose the one, with the mid sum, which was issued from the company of movers, which provides all, concerning your moving - assemble/dessasemble and packaging. Even the transport of the owner in the moving truck, or in other vehicle. In the day of the moving, please make sure that there is a free parking place in front of your house (or the place from which the luggage should be picked up). Thus you shall make our job easier, and many meters of carrying spared.
  • Ask for security and responsibility form the movers side, concerning your items. It happens rarely anything to get broken or scratched. We insure you that those are very few cases in our long experience, and when we are responsible for it, we cover the expenses to the customer. Unfortunately many of our colleagues do not do it.
  • We always stabilize the luggage, which is properly packaged and secured in the truck.
  • If you have chosen Kolev-Movers, forget your worries, and leave the job to us, the professionals! After finishing whit the moving, you might get the feeling of not being moved at all.
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Useful tips when moving home & office.